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Happy National Ag Day

From the food we eat, wine we drink, to the clothes on our backs and the flowers in our hands or on the table, agriculture is everywhere!! Today we celebrate National Agriculture Day and we thank all of our producers, processors and all those who are involved in agriculture.

This week's #NationalAgWeek and today is #NationalAgDay. What a weird reality we are all in. So much uncertainty, fear, confusion and discomfort does not begin to touch these times. Settling into a slower pace............which is foreign and unnerving, but yet a great exercise in patience and gratitude. Both great farmer qualities. Everything has paused, for the first time in our lifetime at least.

It's times like these that make you reminisce and take comfort in how your ancestors survived. Our great-grandparents lived mainly off the land by growing their own meat and vegetables. These people survived the War and the Great Depression. No they didn't have social media or much media at all for that matter. Imagine what went through their minds. We do know they read from the Bible and trusted the Big Man Upstairs. True joy isn't found in our circumstances, or our good prospects, or our earthly security. Joy isn't found in pulling ourselves up or by digging in deeper, or getting ahold of ourselves. It isn't found in distracting ourselves by working more, recreating more, medicating more or anything more than giving the fear and anxiety and overwhelming emotions to God and asking him for help with it all. We truly believe that is how family years ago got through what they did. 1 Peter 5:7 "Cast all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you". Ourselves and much of our family have recreated thoughts or meals from memories or experiences in the last few weeks, drawing us to feelings of comfort. We will all get through this together.

The season so far has not been the kindest to many, but there is still much to be celebrated. While we should thank, trust and support our farmers everyday, today is the day to publicly show that support.

Everyday, every meal, every coffee, every bouquet, every stem, every beer, every glass of wine, and so much more, we should be thankful for those who are passionate and devoted to looking after our country and our future. We have had the privilege to tour farms across the country and around the world. We can tell you whole heartedly that good and honest farmers care about three things: the land, their product and their family. Today we ask you before you paint or label something unanimously "something" across the board, take the time to understand where your food, drink or flowers come from and just how much work it takes to get it to you.

So tonight when we sit down at the table with our family since large celebrations are cancelled; let's thank God for all we have. Then let's raise a glass to cheers to every man and his dog. Every woman who decided to stay on the farm or works multiple jobs to be able to look after the kids. Thanks for staying up late and working while we sleep. Rural and remote towns and the people behind them.

Thank you to everyone who works in the Agriculture Industry.

Thank you to every single person who is still working during this crisis.

Thank you for waking up each day and making sure there is food to feed the mouths of America, and the world.

Thank you for going through the mental and physical pains for years, in attempt to leave the land better than you found it.

Thank you for creating a path that people like me can follow. Thank you for doing an often thankless job.

Thank you! #NationalAgDay

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