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The Best Is Yet To Come

2020 is here and well underway and it may be only 5 degrees out but we are busy dreaming and planning the season ahead. We just can't wait. We have some big things coming so stay tuned you don't want to miss out, and can follow along with what is growing and has arrived.

We mentioned previously that we were overwhelmed by the support from our community, friends and family........all of you! We have asked ourselves on more than one occasion. Why do people love our flowers? After thinking and talking to others we have decided it is the Heirloom varieties which are like old fashioned treasures that both of our grandmothers grew. In the end the flowers are memories from the past. The farm definitely pulled us back to an era that we love.

We have talked to many and get asked often, what is happening for the next year? So we are going to divulge some things now and more in the next few days. Last years spring was not ideal for a first year flower farmer. We had faith in the big man upstairs and trusted that if he brought us to this, he would get us through it. Get us through did he ever, although are first blooms were mid summer majority of the blooms were in abundance. So this year with help from Mother Nature we are hoping to have locally grown flowers by Mother's Day and continue thereafter with more blooms than ever until the first frost.

Every year is different and you never know what to expect. Two years ago prior to selling, we had an abundant crop of Zinnia's, last year we definitely had Zinnia's but the bugs loved them too much, so harvest was minimal. In 2018 we planted many pumpkins and squash and didm't have near the crop we did most recently, in the fall of 2019. Some of this has to do with the addition of the pollinating bees we brought in and some of it is just a better year for pumpkins than the previous year. We have made some friends in this farming endeavor locally, regionally and nationally. Farmers that we can source stems from if for some reason we don't have any or enough due to growing conditions, Mother Nature, or demand. We will also share our stems/products with them if there is something here having a great season in Grundy County soil that they are need of. This will allow us to provide everyone with more flowers during more of the growing season.

Besides the Flower/Farmer role we are dipping our toes into the Farmer/Florist role a little deeper, and have a few weddings on the books to see if this is something we enjoy and can pull off. We plan to start slow and not take on too much to begin with. Watch for pictures and updates.

You will find our Flower Farm's beautiful bouquets in more places this next season. We are in the process of becoming vendors at some local farmer's markets, updates to follow. Along with the open houses we did, we plan to offer more pop up shops depending on stem availability. Please watch social media and our web page for updates. As always you can contact us by text, email, or calling and we are happy to assist.

With the overwhelming response to our make and take, floral design events, and the holiday 'kissing ball" event. We will be planning more of these events. We are trying to work these all into the schedule currently to correlate with what is blooming. For example tulips, daffodils, alliums, peonies, sunflowers, dahlias, and everything in between. Along with the seasonal floral design events we are planning an event early spring on starting your own cutting garden. Stay tuned for more details and information about signing up.

Floral Subscriptions will also debut this season. Floral subscriptions are similar to CSA shares (community supported agriculture). Instead of getting a veggie share each week you would get a floral bouquet. In the next week details will be posted along with sign up. Some options are spring/summer/fall subscriptions or the flower lovers subscription which would be all three. Please share ideas, preferences as to frequency, seasons, etc. in the comments. Sign up coming soon.

We have one more announcement and our currently finalizing the details so stay tuned for upcoming posts. We will leave you with a little hint.............these are sure to be "Cuter than a Cupid"!!

Growing these and many more in 2020, who else can't wait.

Heirloom Blooms Farm

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