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Meet the Owners

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Staci and Sue are sisters who are the owners of Heirloom Blooms Farm, a three generation farm/acreage. 


We grew up on this farm and both moved off it to pursue family and career life. Some years later we both realized we missed the love of farming and the immense rewards that come with the hard work.


Our business, Heirloom Blooms Farm, is a small specialty cut flower farm with select vegetables just north of Grundy Center, Iowa, in some of the richest soil in the nation. We sell and grow stunning flowers and fresh vegetables seasonally. Read more about our flowers here.


What does the cardinal mean?

Find out why it's important to us.

Image by Bruce Jastrow

The cardinal is a special icon for us.  It has long been associated with the passing of a loved one.  They show up when you are missing them or thinking of them, in times of happiness and sadness.  They also remind us to find balance and creativity in life.  To slow down and enjoy the moment.  They represent blessings and good wishes, and remind you of who you are and understanding your path in life.


Truthfully, we don’t own the land, it is ours to borrow from the younger generation. 


We have had the good fortune of being raised in a farming family and community. Growing up both our paternal and maternal grandparents were farmers along with our father who farmed as a share-crop farmer for years until the landlord passed and the land was sold.


Pictured below are Omie Schmidt & granddaughter.

Meet Timmy the Farm Cat

Timmy is the farm cat that lives out at Heirloom Blooms Farm.  His hobbies include chasing bugs, giving himself a bath and ruling over the garden.  Be sure to say hello to him when you're out!

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